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Derek, I had never heard of the Century Initiative until you mentioned it the other day in your podcast. First thing I thought of is The Project for a New American Century and this is the Canadian version. We NEED more exposure of this type of subversion going on at the hands of our "Masters". The more awareness we have, the greater our ability to make a stand. I can't wait for you to finish this book and get it in the hands of your readers. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and thus brings WISDOM. Diagolon & the Plaid Army will walk Canada into the future with the power & wisdom gained in exposing these fucking cucks and their odious plans as the parliament doors slams their asses on the way out the door PERMANENTLY! Best part is they will end up taking THEMSELVES out as no one can keep up with that may lies, corruption & scandal. 💕\\\

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17 pages of run around and all I wanna do is get on the mailing list for yer boooooook!

Srsly. Where's the sign up?

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